About Marissa Bonifay

-   By Jon Dottingly

black and white ice sphere in the sun

The Black Craft Saga might seem to be oddly named to you given the fact that it is the account of a prophecy that is destined to bring about so much good to the universe in which we live. After all, one doesn’t normally associate the color black with things like redemption, peace, and harmony. Yet, such a dark title does describe the driving force that propelled the saga’s central figure, Marissa Bonifay, for most of her life.

Marissa calls herself a witch, one who comes from a long matriarchal line of spellcasters that dates to just after the dawn of creation. Simply to say that magic is in her blood would be an absurd understatement, as would be the propensity for evil with which she and her kin were born. Through the ages, the line of powerful women from which Marissa has descended has brought immeasurable suffering to countless worlds throughout the universe. Along with the development of great magical prowess came an insatiable appetite for power and the drive to rule over less anyone and everyone they deemed to be inferior to themselves.

And how did Marissa Bonifay avoid the fate of her ancestors and avoid the entrapments that accompanied her domination of all that they surveyed? Well, she didn’t. Unfortunately, for a vast stretch of her life (which she has extended far beyond the length of normal human lifespan), Marissa lived a life of evil after having adopted the same sinister motives of the many generations of witches which proceeded her. However, this did not last. The prophecy in question selected Marissa in a sense. It chose her to become one of the key players through whose efforts it could maximize its reach to all worlds and all populations of mankind. Marissa became a tool for this phenomenon, which held such sway that not even her malefic power of her lineage could withstand it. Touched by its hallowed light, she changed, and all for the better. And we all stand to be blessed because of it, as does future generations.

In truth, the entire series of works that will become The Black Craft Saga will serve as the definitive account of the life of Marissa Bonifay. She and the great prophecy that has found its way to our humble planet are indivisibly linked. To know anything about one is to know something about the other. Therefore, any attempt I give here to put a tidy little bow around her life and times here is doomed to fail, so I won’t even try. I feel the best I can do is state the fact that she was an unlikely candidate for the prophecy to choose to help it develop into an entity capable of bringing so much hope to the cosmos. Nevertheless, none of it would have been possible without her beloved black craft.

To learn more about Marissa Bonifay, I invite you to order a copy of Slices of Midnight, the first installment in The Black Craft Saga.

Or, perhaps you would rather listen to the inaugural episode of Wisdom Rising, The Black Craft Saga’s official podcast. In the first episode, which will be available for your listening pleasure very shortly so watch for it, I recount my first encounter with Marissa and how this website and Slices of Midnight came into being.

Lastly, you might like to take a few minutes to read a few lines about yours truly. Yes, that is correct. I, too, have an about page on this site, and feel free to click on the link below if you would like to learn a few facts about me. However, a word of caution: I’m not nearly as interesting a cosmic witch who has had her hand in some of the most important events in the history of our universe. I have no knowledge of the black craft. I can’t cast a spell. I can’t concoct a potion. However, I can cook up a tasty pot of afterburner chili, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is a fact.