About Jon Dottingly

Hello, my name is Jon Dottingly, the curator of this website as well as the writer of The Black Craft Saga. Before I begin addressing the role I currently play in documenting one of the greatest occurrences in the history of the universe, I feel it is necessary to touch upon a few facts concerning my background since I know many you will be curious. So, for the record, here goes.

I am originally from an insignificant small town that lies deep in the heart of flyover America. The name of the town doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Just let me say that my rural surroundings when I was a child fostered a deep-seated wanderlust that prompted me to move away from there at the earliest possible. And this wanderlust did not abate upon my departure. All told, I have lived in six different states, and I have experienced life on both coasts. Still, I long to travel and to see more of my world. The cultures of distant lands captivate me, as do the languages spoken in these faraway places. This will never change.

I am well educated. I went to college, worked at studying as hard as any fella could, and succeeded in graduating with a degree in a subject that was fun and artsy and altogether impractical. To top that performance, I went on to obtain a master’s degree in a field even artsier and more quixotic than that of my undergraduate degree. The lesson in this is to follow your hearts, boys and girls, follow your hearts. To thine own self be true, even if your own self leads you to a life of changing car tires alongside a smelly mechanic named Larry the Wrench who happens to be a legend in the automotive service industry as well as his own mind. Thankfully, I finally learned to get by with my writing skills.

My hobbies include hiking, biking, and drawing, as well as photography, cooking, and reading whenever I get the chance, which seems to be less and less these days. I particularly enjoy spending time with my dog, Otis. Otis is a Vizsla. I love him like the dickens, and anyone who has ever owned one of such an active breed of dog knows why I got into hiking and biking.

And at some point, amid this life of writing stylized fiction and daylong treks through the woods, I came up with a different sort of story than those which I had been creating at that time. Rather than featuring some angsty young man trying to navigate his way through a life plagued with self-serving friends and two-timing lovers, this story featured a teenage girl who was destined to become a witch and who was herself self-serving, and two-timing, and …glorious.

In the end, that teenage girl turned out to be Marissa Bonifay, of course. And this work of fiction that I had sprung into my mind so unexpectedly wasn’t fiction at all. It was a historical account of Marissa’s early life in kingdom known as Malakanth, which is located on a planet in some distant galaxy. Marissa had used her magic to place her story within my mind as well as an overwhelming need to write it down and then type it out.

Since the fateful arrival of Marissa Bonifay into my life, I have worked tirelessly in my efforts to record the events of The Black Craft Saga to the best of my ability, and I intend to continue doing so until entire project is complete no matter how long that might take.

 If you would like to read the first installment of The Black Craft Saga, which is entitled Slices of Midnight, you may find it at any of your favorite e-book outlets.