Hello, friends. Welcome to the official website of The Black Craft Saga. My name is Jon Dottingly, and it will be my honor to present to you a unique story the likes of which no resident of our planet has ever had an opportunity to experience.

Until now.    

These should be heady days for you and me, as well as for every man, woman, and child who calls our universe home. Despite the gloom and despair that dominates our nightly news, I would have you know of a great event that has occurred out in the vastness of the cosmos that should bring a smile to each of our faces. A spark of hope has sprung to life in the form of a glorious prophecy, one capable of bringing light to the darkest of chasms and the most somber of souls. The Black Craft Saga recounts how this prophecy came into being, and it has come to us by way of one who played a key role in making it possible. Redemption, peace, and harmony are available to us all, and Marissa Bonifay, a witch who hails from a galaxy far removed from our own, has devoted her life to teaching us how we might obtain them.

Today, I invite you to get to know more about Marissa and experience her tale for yourself. Take your first steps on a journey that will leave you forever changed by clicking below.